Somewhere on planet earth amidst the flashing lights and fame of celebrity culture, singer/ songwriter/ producer NexxThursday is building a musical masterpiece under the cloak of anonymity. But with a unique style that melds irresistible pop melodies, breezy hip hop flows and R&B production, NexxThursday - along with his production team The Penthouse - is crafting future hits that will undoubtedly cement his name in the pantheon of legends.

His debut song “Down” has clocked in at over 400k views on YouTube, which elicited interest from several major record labels. His follow up, “Sway” (feat. Caleon Fox & Krow), has racked up nearly 200k views within four weeks of release. The swelling popularity of both songs have prompted dozens of fans to upload their own choreography videos and spurred on a #NexXGeneration movement. Cultivated from a space of raw authenticity and a keen musical prowess, NexxThursday’s upcoming debut album is certain to strike a chord with audiences across the spectrum.

“People want to identify with artists beyond a three minute song,” he says. “To do that, you have to be real. I don’t think anyone’s approaching this from the same angle that I am. The way that I put the paint on the canvas is unique. I’ve found a way to make both of those things work together.”